M-commerce is on the rise and most of the competitors have their websites responsive to all device types and the use of mobile is directly influencing consumer’s buying/purchasing decisions. M-commerce is showing phenomenal market growth in e-commerce due to the convenience it brings to the consumers to shop from almost anywhere using a mobile device.

FoxSense re-designed and developed a responsive website that handles all mobile devices' UI/UX experience.


FoxSense worked with an insurance brokerage company that represents multiple carrier in the US. We re-designed one of the company's websites to create an enhanced UI/UX experience for customers.


After researching and understanding the client’s goal, we re-designed the website with a simple and sleek UI design that captures the eye of the customer and focuses on presenting users exactly with what they are required to see.


FoxSense started the engagement by creating sketches and low fidelity wireframes for the user journey to clearly define the customer interaction with the website. On approval of the redesigned wireframes, we created a visual persona for these wireframes by infusing the color scheme by following the company’s brand guidelines.


We then developed the application using ReactGatsby, and hosted the application on Netlify. Netlify functions were utilized to process all the data and interactions.

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Core Features
Low & High-Fidelity Wireframes
Visual Design
Mobile Responsiveness
Information Architecture
UI Development
Backend Integration

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