Paloma is a cloud based end-to-end sourcing and procurement management platform that handles day to day operations for several casinos and businesses based out of Las Vegas.

It is a simple to use intuitive procurement platform. Paloma brings in a very high level of operational efficiency to manage employee productivity on both the buyer and seller companies. Each purchase order can be easily approved, tracked and audited with full transparency.

Payments are made easy with manual and automated invoicing. Open Marketplace and Vendor management is integrated and at the user's fingertips to search for products and vendors in a region and beyond. Auction and bid management to handle buy or sell products.

Data Manged on
Developed on
Managed and Deployed On
Core Features
Multi-role Authentication & Authorization
Ordering & Inventory Management
Approval & Fulfilment Workflow Orchestration Engine
Delivery Tracking
Auctions & Bid Management
Automated Payment & Subscription Management
In-App User Communication (Messaging)
Reporting & Analytics

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